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Friday, March 12, 2010

String To Pdf Converter

This dll helps you to convert your string format data into pdf file
follow the steps to implement it.
The Pdf will be available from

download StringToPdf.dll to your computer
1. Do right-click on your Application REFERENCES folder available in Solution Explorer(As shown in the below figure)

2. Click on Add Reference and the following window will be opened.

3. go on the 4th tab and locate your downloaded stringToPdf.dll and click ok. (here my .dll's location is Desktop)
4. Now make an object of the class PDFWRITER
here is the example
string text = "Markand's Pdf.dll Testing";
PdfWriter p = new PdfWriter();
this will write the content of "text" into .pdf file
You can find your .pdf file at C:\Temp\
That's All.
Enjoy Converting from string to PDF

Saturday, February 6, 2010


PhotoChanger.dll is used to change the photo for every specified time interval.
This control takes the path of the Image Folder and show all images one by one.

dll will be available from

follow the steps to add control to your toolbox of C#

1. Right click on toolbox. and select "Choose Items" from the context menu.
2. Select "Browse" from the opened dialog box.
3. select the .dll stored in your computer and click ok.
4. Now see in the toolbox your control is ready to use. drag control to your window application control's property.

7.give Folder path in property named "ImageFolder"
8. Give Time Interval (time to reload next photo) in property named "Interval" in milliseconds

Thats all.