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Zip/Unzip folders using C#

Here is  a ready to use zipUnzip.dll
This dll helps you to zip or unzip your folders using

The zipUnzip.dlll will be available here

Follow the steps to implement it.

1.  Add this .dll to you Application by right clicking your application folder in solution explorer. Below figure demonstrates this procedure.

2. The Add Reference will open following Window.

3. Locate your downloaded zipUnzip.dll and press ok. (my zipUnzip.dll is on desktop so I browzed to desktop).
4. Now you are ready to use this C# .dll in your application.

For Zip without Password

For Zip with Password
here password given is *

For Unzip without password
here false = dont delete zip file after unzipping it. if you want to delete than give true.

For Unzip with password

 Thats All

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